Spring 2017, 45.1


Hannah J. Rule Sensing the Sentence: An Embodied Simulation Approach to Rhetorical Grammar
Kendall Leon, Laurie A. Pinkert, and Kathryn Trauth Taylor Developing Accounts of Instructor Learning: Recognizing the Impacts of Service-Learning Pedagogies on Writing Teachers
Christine Martorana Through the Lens of Figured Worlds: A Heuristic for Productive Collaboration
Genesea M. Carter and Erin Penner Gallegos Moving Beyond the Hype: What does the Celebration of Student Writing Do for Students?
Faith M. Kurtyka Learning How to Feel: Conversion Narratives and Community Membership in First-Year Composition
Jeff Rice Falafel Memories

Course Designs

Steven Accardi Rhetoric and Composition as Community Engagement: Toward Mending Community and Town and Gown Divides
Jennifer Mallette He Said, She Said: Gender and Academic/Professional Writing
Robert Terry and Barrie Olson Incubation Center 306

Book Reviews