Fall 2019, 47.2

Grace Wetzel Layered Feminist Historiography: Composing Multivocal Stories Through Material Annotation Practices
Kelly Myers Unspeakable Failures
Amy Williams “I Can’t Do Cartwheels, so I Write”: Students’ Writing Affect
Charles N. Lesh Writing Workshops in the Public Turn
Amanda Sladek Literacy as Threshold Concept: Building Multiliterate Awareness in First-Year Writing
Tyler S. Branson Emerging Public Literacies: A Micro-Case Study of Public Writing Pedagogy
Joanna Wolfe, Ryan Roderick, and Andrea Francioni Rooney Improving Instructor Ethos through Document Design

Course Designs

Estee Beck

Engl 3374: Writing, Rhetoric, and Multimedia Authoring

Supplementary Materials

Jaclyn Fiscus-Cannaday and Sophia Watson

Engl 382: Special Topics in Multimodal Composition

Supplementary Materials

Matthew A. Vetter and Oksana Moroz

Engl 101: Writing in Wikipedia

Supplementary Materials


Where We Are: Dialogue and Disciplinary Space

nextGEN Authors: Sweta Baniya, Sara Doan, Gavin P. Johnson, Ashanka Kumari, Kyle Larson, Virginia M. Schwarz

WPA-L Working Group Authors: Kefaya Diab, Mara Lee Grayson, Regina McManigell Grijalva, Holly Hassel, Brian Hendrickson, Adam Hubrig, Cara Marta Messina, Iris Ruiz

A Brief Dialogue with Members of the WPA-L Working Group and nextGEN Listserv

Book Reviews