Fall 2017, 45.2

From Editor


Carol Severino “Multilingualizing” Composition: A Diary Self-Study of Learning Spanish and Chinese
Cydney Alexis The Symbolic Life of the Moleskine Notebook: Material Goods as a Tableau for Writing Identity Performance
Kristine Johnson Writing By the Book, Writing Beyond the Book
Janine Butler Bodies in Composition: Teaching Writing through Kinesthetic Performance
Elizabeth Tomlinson and Sara Newman Valuing Writers from a Neurodiversity Perspective: Integrating New Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder into Composition Pedagogy
Michelle Tremmel Forget Formulas: Teaching Form through Function in Slow Writing and Reading as a Writer
Carrie Byars Kilfoil The Linguistic Memory of Composition and and the Rhetoric and Composition PhD: Forgetting (and Remembering) Language and Language Difference in Doctoral Curricula

Course Designs

Steven Alvarez Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the U.S. Nuevo South
Cristyn L. Elder and Bethany Davila Stretch and Studio Composition Practicum: Creating a Culture of Support and Success for Developing Writers at a Hispanic-Serving Institution
Jessica E. Slentz, Kristin E. Kondrlik, and Michelle Lyons-McFarland Spies Like Us: Gamifying the Composition Classroom and Breaking the Academic Code

Where We Are: Latinx Compositions and Rhetorics

Christine Garcia In Defense of Latinx
Aydé Enríquez-Loya and Kendall Leon Chicanx/Latinx Rhetorics as Methodology for Writing Program Design at HSIs
E. Domínguez Barajas Crafting a Composition Pedagogy with Latino Students in Mind
Steven Alvarez Latinx and Latin American Community Literacy Practices en Confianza
Cruz Medina Identity, Decolonialism, and Digital Archives
Iris Ruiz and Damián Baca Decolonial Options and Writing Studies
Eric Rodriguez and Everardo J. Cuevas Problematizing Mestizaje
Nicole Gonzales Howell Speaking from and about Brown Bodies: A Personal and Political Story of Sharing Identities