Spring 2019, 47.1


Kara Alexander, Michael-John DePalma, Lisa Shaver, Danielle M. Williams Approaching the (Re)Design of Writing Majors: Contexts of Research, Forms of Inquiry, and Recommendations for Faculty
Alyssa G. Cavazos Encouraging Languages other than English in First-Year Writing Courses: Experiences from Linguistically Diverse Writers
Brooke R. Schreiber and Dorothy Worden “Nameless, Faceless People”: How Other Teachers’ Expectations Influence our Pedagogy
Cruz Medina Decolonial Potential in a Multilingual FYC
Carolyne M. King The Reader in the Textbook: Embodied Materiality and Reading in the Writing Classroom
J. Michael Rifenburg To Ensure Warfighting Function: Writing Inside a U.S. Army Brigade Headquarters
Amy J. Lueck and Beth Boehm Beginning at the End: Reimagining the Dissertation Committee, Reimagining Careers
Steve Lamos Good Things in Threes:  Long-Term Effects of Literate Dwelling

Where We Are: My Mundane Professional Life

Various Authors

Book Reviews

Darin Jensen Composition Studies, Public-Facing Activism, and Our Continued Social Turn: A Review Essay

Books under review: Performing Antiracist Pedagogy in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication, edited by Frankie Condon and Vershawn Ashanti Young; and Writing for Engagement: Responsive Practice for Social Action, edited by Mary P. Sheridan, Megan J. Bardolph, Megan Faver Hartline, and Drew Holladay

James Clifford Swider Retention, Persistence, and Writing Programs, edited by Todd Ruecker, Dawn Shepherd, by Heidi Estrem, and Beth Brunk-Chavez
Jenn Fishman with Alli Bernard, Jessica Brown, Grace Chambers, Lorena Dulce, Ryan Higgins, Brian Huback, Saúl López, Aishah Mahmood, Shane Martin, Beth Michalewski, Madi Moster, Carly Ogletree, Alyssa Paulus, Lily Regan, Anna Story, and Haley Wasserman Bad Ideas about Writing, edited by Cheryl E. Ball and Drew M. Loewe
Sara Austin Assembling Composition, edited by Kathleen Blake Yancey and Stephen J. McElroy
Jacob Babb Composition, Rhetoric, and Disciplinarity, edited by Rita Malenczyk, Susan Miller-Cochran, Elizabeth Wardle, and Kathleen Blake Yancey
Katie Brooks Retroactivism in the Lesbian Archives: Composing Pasts and Futures, by Jean Bessette
Emily Carson How Writing Faculty Write: Strategies for Process, Product, and Productivity, by Christine Tulley
Erin Cromer Twal Public Pedagogy in Composition Studies: Studies in Writing and Rhetoric, by Ashley J. Holmes