Spring 2022, 50.1


Chris M. Anson 

AI-Based Text Generation and the Social Construction of “Fraudulent Authorship”: A Revisitation 

Anis Bawarshi and Mary Jo Reiff 

Collaborative Writing, Collage, and Cooking: From Humanist to Post-Humanist Assemblages 

Yvette Chairez, Victoria Ramirez Gentry, and Sue Hum 

Differences within Difference: Everyday Praxis from Latinx Lived Experiences 

Sidney I. Dobrin 

Rhetoric 2050: In Honor of Richard M. Coe’s “Rhetoric 2001” 

Peter Elbow 

The Democratization of Writing and the Role of Cheating 

Alexis Sabryn Walston and Jessica Enoch 

Creating Space for Emotion in the Composition Studies Archive 

Alexandra Hidalgo 

Embodying Mentorship and Friendship: A Love Letter to Villanueva’s “Tradition and Change” 

Rebecca Lorimer Leonard 

Critical Distance in Composition Studies 

Aja Y. Martinez

The Catharsis for Poison: A Counterstory Retrospective on Composition Studies’ 50th Anniversary 

Cruz Medina

Composing in the Discomfort of Institutional Violence

Staci Perryman-Clark

Composition Studies at 50: The New Work of Writing Instruction as a Way Forward 

Louise Wetherbee Phelps

Generation(al) Matters: Story, Lens, and Tone 

Ray Rosas and Cheryl Glenn

Renewing Commitments to Minoritized Writers 

Hannah J. Rule 

In Search of the Sentence 

Where We Are: What’s Next for (Publishing in) Composition & Rhetoric?

Sheila Carter-Tod

Pushing Through: Moving Beyond Revision to Achieve Substantive Change 

Jennifer Clary-Lemon

Speculative Middles and Composition Studies at 50 

Christina M. LaVecchia

Anti-Racist Futures for Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition 

Carrie S. Leverenz

On the Future of Writing about Teaching 

Bob Mayberry

Where We’ve Been and Where We Might Go 

Laura R. Micciche

Fragile Material

Book Reviews

Bryna Siegel Finer

Self+Culture+Writing: Autoethnography for/as Writing Studies, edited by Rebecca L. Jackson and Jackie Grutsch McKinney 

Lynée Lewis Gaillet

Working in the Archives: Practical Research Methods for Rhetoric and Composition, edited by Alexis E. Ramsey, Wendy B Sharer, Barbara L’Eplattenier, and Lisa Mastrangelo 

Jason Tham 

Postprocess Postmortem, by Kristopher Lotier