Spring 2021, 49.1


Laurie A. Pinkert and Lauren Marshall Bowen Disciplinary Lifecycling: A Generative Framework for Career Trajectories in Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies
Zachary Beare Cross Postings: Disciplinary Knowledge-Making and the Affective Archive of the WPA Listserv
Jennifer Sheppard Pandemic Pedagogy: What We Learned from the Sudden Transition to Online Teaching and How It Can Help Us Prepare to Teach Writing in an Uncertain Future
Danielle Koupf A Pedagogy of Amplification

Course Design

Maria Novotny, Claire Edwards, Gitte Frandsen, Danielle Koepke, Joni Hayward Marcum, Chloe Smith, Angelyn Sommers, and Madison Williams English 712: Theories in Public Rhetoric & Community Engagement
          Supplementary Materials

Where We Are: Intergenerational Exchanges

John Brereton and Cinthia Gannett Intergenerational Exchange in Rhetoric and Composition: Some Views from Here
Todd Craig The Intergenerational Blunder of Elitism as Fun(k)tionality, aka An Open Letter on Choices When “Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong…”
Eric Detweiler On Podcasting, Program Development, and Intergenerational Thinking
Amanda M. May Intergenerational Knowledge, Social Media, and the Composition Community: Insights and Inquiries
Ben Miller When the Family Tree Metaphor Breaks Down, What Grows?
Beverly J. Moss Where Would We Be?: Legacies, Roll Calls, and the Teaching of Writing in HBCUs
Juli Parrish and Wendy Chen Intergenerational Exchange as a Practice of Negotiation
Diane Quaglia Beltran A Form of Phronesis
Victor Villanueva Tradition and Change
Zhaozhe Wang Too Green to Talk Disciplinarity
Kathleen Blake Yancey Notes on Intergenerational Exchange: The View from Here

Book Reviews

Chloe J. Robertson Dismantling Anti-Blackness and Uplifting African American Rhetoric: A Review Essay
Books Under Review: Rhetorical Crossover: The Black Presence in White Culture, by Cedric D. Burrows and Linguistic Justice: Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy, by April Baker-Bell
Turnip Van Dyke Graduate Student Writing is Graduate Student Work: A Review Essay
Books Under Review: Conceptions of Literacy: Graduate Instructors and the Teaching of First-Year Composition, by Meaghan Brewer and Learning from the Lived Experiences of Graduate Student Writers, edited by Shannon Madden, Michele Eodice, Kirsten T. Edwards, and Alexandria Lockett
Mikayla Beaudrie On African-American Rhetoric, by Keith Gilyard and Adam J. Banks
Rebecca S. Haynes Unruly Rhetorics: Protest, Persuasion, and Publics, edited by Jonathan Alexander, Susan C. Jarratt, and Nancy Welch
Stephie Minjung Kang Labor-Based Grading Contracts: Building Equity and Inclusion in the Compassionate Writing Classroom, by Asao B. Inoue
Louis M. Maraj Counterstory: The Rhetoric and Writing of Critical Race Theory, by Aja Y. Martinez
Kailyn Washakie Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic: Resources and Strategies for Online Writing, by Jessie Borgman and Casey McArdle