Fall 2021 | 49.3


Timothy Ballingall and
Brad Lucas

Are We Overlooking (and Underselling) the Writing Capstone Course? 

Felicita Arzu Carmichael 

“Sometimes I Forget I’m in an Online Class!” Why Place Matters for Meaningful Student Online Writing Experiences 

Carrie Hall 

“How am I Supposed to Watch a Little Piece of Paper?” Literacy and Learning Under Duress 

Kristin C. Bennett

Tracing Ableism’s Rhetorical Circulation through an Analysis of Composition Mission Statements 

Course Designs

Amy Cicchino, Kevin DePew, Jason Snart, and Scott

Global Efforts to Professionalize Online Literacy Instructors: GSOLE’s Basic OLI Certification 

Supplementary Materials

Nancy Pine 

ENGL 1100 Contextualized: Designing a FYW Course for Guided Pathways

Supplementary Materials 

Where We Are

Linford O. Lamptey and
Roland Dumavor 

Writing in the West African Context 

Anuj Gupta and Anannya Dasgupta 

Something of Our Own to Say: Writing Pedagogy in India 

Radhika Jaidev 

Transforming the Teaching of Writing from a Skills-Based Approach to a Knowledge Construction Approach in a University in Singapore 

Kristine Kabel and Jesper Bremholm

Writing Instruction and Writing Research in Denmark 

Icy Lee

Teaching of Writing in Hong Kong: Where Are We? 

Vivette Milson-Whyte,
Raymond Oenbring, and
Brianne Jaquette

Weh Wi Deh / Veh Vi Is / Where We Are: Teaching and Researching Academic Writing in the Caribbean 

Emma Moghabghab

(Re)Writing the Middle East: Tension, Engagement, and Rhetorical Translanguaging 

Natalia Ávila Reyes and
Federico Navarro

On the Teaching of University Writing in Latin America

Susan E. Thomas

Writing Instruction in Australia 

Book Reviews

Christine Wilson

Literacy and Pedagogy in an Age of Misinformation and Disinformation, ed. by Tara Lockhart, et al. 

Omar Yacoub 

PARS in Practice: More Resources and Strategies for Online Writing Instructors, ed. by Jessie Borgman and Casey McArdle 

Siara Schwartzlow

The Anti-Racist Writing Workshop: How to Decolonize the Creative Classroom, by Felicia Rose Chavez 

Stacy Wittstock

Speaking Up, Speaking Out: Lived Experiences of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty in Writing Studies, ed. by Jessica Edwards, Meg McGuire, and Rachel Sanchez 

Bethany Sweeney

Sixteen Teachers Teaching: Two-Year College Perspectives, ed. by Patrick Sullivan 

Katherine Daily O’Meara

Empowering the Community College First-Year Composition Teacher: Pedagogies and Policies, ed. by Meryl Siegal and Betsy Gilliland 

Roberto S. Leon

Style and the Future of Composition Studies, ed. by Paul Butler, Brian Ray, and Star Medzerian Vanguri