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Looking Ahead: FEN Blog’s New Editors Talk Year Two

Ben Hojem | Guilford College Jada Patchigondla | University of California, Los Angeles Jada Patchigondla and Ben Hojem are the incoming editors of the FEN Blog taking on the role from the previous editors, Lauren Fusilier and Megan Von Bergen. What we learned from Lauren and Megan’s time with FEN Blog is the prevalent topics…

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Writers Learning with Their Elders

Gaby Bedetti | Eastern Kentucky University Lindsey Danielle Horn | Eastern Kentucky University With the support of the Kentucky Foundation for Women, I spent an academic year learning to write poetry with many older adults, aged sixty-five and over, at the Carnegie Center Author Academy in Lexington, Kentucky. Once examined in my poems, my murky…

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Reflection on a Year of Editing FEN Blog

Lauren Fusilier | University of Louisville Megan Von Bergen | University of Tennessee, Knoxville As of June 2022, both Megan Von Bergen and Lauren Fusilier are stepping down from the editorship of FEN Blog and turning the reins over to a new editorial team. It’s been a privilege to work on getting FEN Blog off…

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The Cycle of Progressive Failure

Considering why something worked and why something else did not provides openings for growth and new opportunity. It is with intentional and consistent reflection that I have come to embrace my own failures as a part of my growth as an instructor and a person…

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